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Seven simple but powerful ways to connect with Goddess energy

Have you ever tried to walk in the shoes of a Goddess for a day, a week, or even a month? More and more women like myself, are reclaiming their Divine feminine power - a power that we have been disconnected with for so long. Walking with the goddess energy or archetype helps us to tap into specific qualities that we would like to bolster in ourselves. We all want a bit of courage for that upcoming job interview, or an open heart for a difficult conversation we need to have right? Connecting with a Goddess archetype or deity is a beautiful way to re-kindle those innate qualities we already have within, we just have unknowingly distanced ourselves from them.


I have been drawn to the goddess energy for many years now, I mean, who isn't drawn in? She is utterly Divine! On a more practical level though, learning about Goddess energy came to me through yoga teacher trainings with the amazing Goddess herself Kata van Doesslar from Rise & Shine Yoga Ibiza | Yoga Trainings & Retreats. During one of her trainings I took a 30 day Sidhana with Hindu Goddess Lakshmi - the goddess of abundance (amongst many other things). Since then I have gravitated to work more closely with a few other Goddesses with creative and nurturing qualities such as Hindu Goddess Saraswati. Whoever it is we feel drawn to, the one thing that remains though, is that She has many faces – she can be nurturing, poetic, beautiful and wise, powerful and strong, sensual, soft and gracious, fiery, fierce, mystical, passionate, wild and unabandoned. She can be chaotic, angry and unforgiving. You name it, She's got it and you can have it too.

The idea of working with Goddess energy is that we can to tap into one or more of these qualities at different times of the day, week, or even periods of our life. And the gorgeous thing is that Goddess archetypes can be found all over the world, From Hindu, Egyptian, Greek to Buddhist, Norse and Celtic and so many more. So you can pick and choose to your liking.

So how do we evoke Her?

There are different ways you can tune into the goddess energy. I think it depends of the qualities you are seeking and your own personal preferences as well.

If you are not too sure about all the amazing deities and goddesses available for you to connect with, you can also take a look at some goddess oracle cards or pop down to your local bookstore. Check out social media too! There is whole groups dedicated to individual goddesses. Here are some of my treasured ways of evoking the goddess energy for spiritual work:

1. Meditation and Visualisation

Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and visualise a particular goddess whose you want to connect with (assuming you know something about Her!). Imagine that with each breath, Her presence enters into your being and fills you with her qualities and energy. Check online, you will surely find some Goddess guided meditations available online useful as well if the DYI version doesn't cut it.

2. Rituals and Offerings

Do you have a lovely nook in your house to create some sacred space or an altar? It does not need to be anything grand, just somewhere where you can place items that have literal or symbolic meaning and offerings that represent the goddess you want to invoke. Light a candle and burn incense and chant her mantra to honour Her and seek Her blessings. Over time, the energy will be so powerful in that space that you can tune into it as soon as you enter it.

3. Symbols

Symbols are age old and carry power and meaning. I am familiar with the use of reiki symbols which are handed down from master to student, but also, I find meaning in my own symbols or symbols that resonate with me. They are all around us and you will know many I'm sure, like the peace sign, yin/yang, tree of life, the holy cross, moon phases of maid-mother-crone, or maybe the Egyptian ankh of life to name a few. Keep them somewhere visible in your home, or as a talisman or piece of jewelry as potent reminders when you are on the move.

4. Goddess Yoga or Dance

Practicing different styles of yoga or dancing to specific music that you feel are associated with a specific goddess energy are beautiful ways to connect. Move your body in a way that expresses the qualities of the goddess, such as strength, grace, beauty, or healing. With Kali or Sekhmet you may want to try fiery sun salutations or hot yoga for a surge of power, or perhaps connect with Lakshmi or Kuan Yin in some restorative yoga for abundance, self love and compassion. I offer a 7-week Goddess infused Chakradance e-course - it's a beautiful journey through the chakras dancing with a specific chakra specific Goddess each week. But more on that later.

5. Music and chanting

You can also listen to music or chants that invoke the goddess energy.

Chanting can be a beautiful way to connect - I would love to add it to my morning ritual but I would wake the house (or the neighbours). What I like to do, is find some beautiful chant music so I can sing along too. Even my daughter loves this and we chant and sing together - head over to Spotify and take a listen to our more 'fun' favourite Om Namo Lakshmi by the Gypsy Tears. But if you want to dig close your eyes and let your body intuitively move, then immerse yourself in Yulunga (Spirit Dance) - song and lyrics by Dead Can Dance. I just love this!

6. Nature Connection

Spend time in nature, especially in places that resonate with the goddess energy you want to evoke, such as a forest, a river, or a mountain. For me, Mother Earth is the ultimate point of connection for grounding energy. Depending on the culture you resonate with most, She is also known as Gaia (Greek), Spider Grandmother (Indigenous American) or Pachamama (Indigenous Andean). It could also be that you are drawn to connect with the moon, the sun, or the stars. Have you tried this gorgeous full moon dancing prayer gifted on my Chakradance page?

7. Read, read, read

My last (but not limited to) way of connecting with Goddess energy is through reading. Yep, left-brained stuff. As a lover of research and a good story, I always feel super immersed into a character black on white. I like to know their story and then find other versions from different authors. Guaranteed, they will a have different take. If you love reading at night, she may then also visit you in your dreams! There are some beautiful books to absorb and then later use to help visualise Her. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Sally Kempton 'Awakening Shakti'

  • Thomas Ashley-Ferrand 'Shakti Mantras'

  • Jean Shinoda Bolen 'Goddesses in Every Woman'

Making it a spiritual practice

Sadhana is the consistent practice of worshiping. Although I do not claim to be a 'worshipper' of sorts, I do especially like to connect with the Divine Feminine through Sadhana. Usually it is good to start with at least a 30 day practice (of however feels right to you) to help build consistency. Then, over time, evoking Her energy becomes second nature and helps to maintain and deepen a connection to ourselves, our purpose and path.

Remember that each person may experience or connect with the Goddess energy differently, depending on their beliefs, culture, or personal preferences. The most important thing is to approach the goddess with respect, reverence, and openness, and to use her energy for positive and loving purposes. So, do you have a favourite Goddess and if so, how do you like to connect with her?


Heidi Rasikari is certified and experienced in mindful and energetical practices of yoga and Chakradance™ movement therapy. Read more About | Heidi Rasikari

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