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Chakras are the energy centres in our subtle body that govern the health and well-being of all aspects of our lives.


Learn more about these areas and how they affect us in this free e-book ‘Chakra Health Check’ written by Natalie Southgate, founder of Chakradance™.


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Now, just for a moment, I want you to imagine that...

Image by Ahmad Odeh
  • You don’t need to keep bottling up emotions linked to past experiences. Instead, you are able to express your feelings and be open to receive genuine pleasure in life. THIS! This is the beautiful energy of the sacral chakra!

  • You are no longer over-giving from a place of burn-out, as you know how to fill your cup, and create sacred and powerful boundaries YES! Embrace the solar plexus energy!

  • Your relationships no longer feel draining or challenging, as you compassionately address what needs to change and co-create that with the endless support of the divine within you. Can you FEEL the heart chakra energy here?

  • You no longer feel you need to keep playing it safe with who you are but feel confident enough to speak up and share your authentic self with the world. This is 100% throat chakra energy!

Do any of these resonate with you?

Image by Kazuo ota

Chakradance™ is a way to support your body’s natural ability to heal chakra specific issues through re-connecting back to your inner wisdom.  


It helps you to FEEL open and step into new possibilities in your life – whatever they may be for you. 

 Change is inevitable, growth is optional  

John Maxwell


 Chakradance™ is not your

average "dance" class...

 Chakradance™i s an accredited transformational movement therapy program for self-development and awareness. The practice is a beautiful fusion of Jungian psychology, the chakra system, and spontaneous dance. The magical energy of Chakradance™ comes alive with gorgeous chakra specific music, powerful guided visualisation followed by creative mandala art. 


Through Chakradance™ we gently unravel buried feelings, traumas and unconscious inherited beliefs or patterns that have been stored in our bodies and ultimately our energy system. Step by step and chakra by chakra I will guide you on a unique journey to become the most full, vibrant, colourful version of YOU so that you can live the life you are meant to lead. This program is a deep and powerful practice with proven results.

  The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.  

Carl Jung

Feel the call to go deeper?

I offer group or private experiences both live and e-course as well as retreats.


Take a look at my next workshops or contact me for a private experience.


Would you like to experience Chakradance as a full moon dancing prayer?


Try this divine 10 minute practice calling on the moon's healing energy for yourself and others.


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Once you have the file, simply set up your sacred space, press play and surrender to the experience.

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Chakratanssin kautta muistin kuinka tanssia sieluna ja henkenä. Yhdistyin tunteisiini ja kaikkeen ympärilläni, olotilaan joka olen Minä.”


   "Through Chakradance I remember how to dance as a soul and spirit. I connect to my feelings and everything around me, to the state of being that ‘I am’.

-Chakradance™ Course Participant

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